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Green Solar Energy is an innovative energy company dedicated to providing customers with clean, sustainable energy solutions. We are passionate about delivering innovative, green solutions that help our customers reduce their energy costs while promoting clean and renewable energy sources. We offer a variety of services, including solar panel installation, energy storage systems, and renewable energy consulting. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions or provide customized solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you soar with green energy!


At Green Solar Energy, we offer a variety of consultation services for our new and existing customers to enable them access the best product and at a more pocket friendly option. We have a dedicated team who will assist you with the right options for you personal and business needs. Please also refer to our financial tools which is available to our new and existing customers . Please get in touch with us today for an appraisal and get the right information. You can book and appointment with us through our emails and contacts numbers.



Green Solar Energy has partnered with a lending institution, Clean Energy Credit Union, that specializes in energy-efficient home improvements to offer flexible financing. This way, you can install a renewable technology system, like solar PV, geothermal, or air-source, potentially with zero money down. Our geothermal systems, air-source products, and solar PV arrays are built to last and have extraordinarily long life spans. Installed properly, these systems regularly perform optimally for upwards of 25 years. With these sustainable technologies, you and your family can be confident in your home’s comfort and efficiency for years to come.



As people who value sustainability and energy independence, we appreciate high-quality, efficient solutions for homes and buildings. Products like solar PV modules, battery storage, and inverters provide that solution and compliment other renewable technologies, making it simpler for homes and buildings to achieve net-zero status and energy freedom. We're a one-stop-shop for solar installers, offering a partnership rooted in customer service. Work with us to meet your solar needs, geothermal needs, or both!

James Edward


The Green Solar Energy group is a solar company with the fundamental dreams of setting the pace for other companies in the industry as the leading energy company of the 20th century. Founded by Mr. James Edward in 2008, the company has reached it's peak of industrialization through many collaborations and outright executions of projects like the Cauchari Solar Initiative in Argentina which was inaugurated in 2019. Mr. James Edward was born in Washington DC and got his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology followed by an MBA from Carlson School of Management.

Jonas Newman

Personnel Manager

Jonas Newman is the Personnel Manager of the team. In this role, he oversees all aspects of the team's personnel management. He is responsible for recruiting and hiring new team members, conducting performance evaluations, and developing and implementing HR policies and procedures. Jonas plays a crucial role in ensuring that the team has the right people in the right positions to achieve its goals.

April Lennon

Managing partner

April Lennon is one of the managing partners in our team. As a managing partner, April is responsible for overseeing the overall operations and strategic direction of the company. She plays a key role in making important business decisions and guiding the team towards achieving goals and objectives. With her strong leadership skills and extensive experience in the industry, April ensures that the team stays focused, motivated, and aligned with the company's vision and mission.

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Does my solar panels generate electricity when it rains?

One of the most frequently asked questions about solar panels their ability to function in rainy conditions. It is true that solar panels perform at optimum through direct extraction of sunlight/sun rays. However water is also very good for you solar panels as it helps to clean the surface to increase maximization